Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas in Bluefield

It doesn't snow much in eastern North Carolina, and when it does it's quite the event. Prior to last year, we hadn't seen snow in over 8 seasons. We got a good snow the day after Christmas though: 6 inches in one day. The pigs didn't think much of it, and the chickens refused to leave the coop (even after the sun came out). 

Scott, the dogs and I enjoyed the snow thoroughly. I do not, however, look forward to dealing with all the downed trees, especially the ones on the electric fence.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas with the McGhee's

Scott's family loves to cook, especially with fire. His parents built a replica of a historic kitchen in 2000, and the hearth always gets a workout over the holidays. This year we roasted a goose in an antique reflector oven and browned a homemade sweet potato pie with an iron salamander forged by Scott.

Scott's mom and Bonnie (his oldest) made the sweet potato pie, and Scott forged the iron salamander as a gift for his mom Peggy. The head of the salamander is placed in the fire until glowing hot, then set over the pie for a few minutes to brown the meringue. Scott repeated the process 4 or 5 times to brown the pie to perfection.

As always, the fire was a family attraction and fun was had by all.

Merry Christmas everyone!