Thursday, February 10, 2011

Look'in for Love

Sex: Male
Age: 9 1/2 months old
Born: May 1, 2010
Sign: Taurus ("The Bull")
Element: Earth
Enjoy: Rooting, grazing, laying in the sun, belly rubs, and wallowing

Hi, they call me Tyrone (although I don't have an official name), and I'm a young registered American Guinea Hog male look'in for love. I am quite handsome (straight black hair with just a hint of curl), very laid back and rather gentle. I'm not real big yet, but I expect I'll be a big boy when I grown up. I currently stand approximately 21 inches tall at the shoulder, and I'm about 3 feet long. I've never weighed myself, but I'd say I'm around 100 -110 lbs (give or take a few). I live in eastern North Carolina, but am happy to relocate as I'm very interested in finding a lady friend and having piglets.

If interested, please contact my personal handler at the following address or call 910-540-4475. Ask for Lydia.

Hope to hear from you soon.



  1. So cute! Good luck in your search for that special lady Tyrone!

  2. Super cute, we've been thinking about adding Guinea Hogs to the farm, but I'm not sure we're quite ready yet! I hope you find him a good home. :)

  3. It looks like Tyrone may find love in Alabama.