Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lake Waccamaw Southern Farm Days

In March the entire family demonstrated at the Lake Waccamaw Southern Farm Days Festival. Scott, the bladesmith and blacksmith, forged over green coal and was assisted by his two sons - Jacob and Conner.

Scott's mom Peggy, daughter Bonnie, and nephew Cullen cooked traditional style.

 Apple dumplings - Conner helped by eating the peelings.

 Fire roasted apples

Chicken roasted in a traditional reflector oven

Corned beef . . .  

. . . browned to perfection by Cullen . . .

. . . under a salamader blacksmithed by E. Scott McGhee.

Cowboys, wranglers, saloon gals, and all kinds of interesting folk attended the event.

See you next year!

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