Monday, April 18, 2011

Vintage Gravely Walk Behind Tractor - SOLD!

Scott, the kids, and I spent the weekend cleaning up this 1961 Gravely walk-behind tractor with mower, sickle, and chipper attachments. It's a great machine that we thought we'd use around the farm a lot after Scott aquired it, but the purchase of a shiny new BCS walk-behind tractor/tiller for the garden quickly relegated this antique to the shed. We considered restoring the Gravely to take along when demonstrating blacksmithing at the local farm shows, but we simply don't have the time between graduate school, work, the farm, and Scott's knifemaking . . . and we could really use the space:)

So, we've decided to sell. If you're interested, let us know. If  you know someone who might be, pass the info along. This is a highly restorable, mostly original, very functional Gravely tractor. The engine is the original Gravely and, although a few things could be tweaked, everything works.

The chipper was originally green, as indicated by a few spots where the tan paint didn't adher. 

The sickle has a few broken teeth, but all the parts move freely, and the attachment link is immaculate.

We even have the original manual, some maintance records and other Gravely artifacts.

We're asking $1000 for everything and are located in Clarkton, NC. Email if you have additional questions.

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